Dog Symptoms

People are often confused about dog symptoms because they are unfamiliar with what to look for. This problem is not unusual especially if you have never had a pet dog or, for that matter, any other type of pet.

When we have a pet dog, we never seem to think about them getting sick like we do, or like children do. We erroneously assume that they will keep growing without concern if you got them as a puppy, or that they wont have any kind of medical condition if your pet came to you as an adult.
Some people assume that they wont have to look for medical conditions in their dog if they got their pet from a humane society. Often, it is assumed that the pet will always be healthy because that was what they appeared to be when you picked them up. This is not to say that humane societies dont look after their dogs, or are not concerned, when, in fact, they are very alert to problems with any animal under their care.

A pet dog, seems to be positioned in our mind as the one we can always count on to merrily greet us when we come home from a hectic day at work, or to always want to go out and romp in the back-yard, or go for a walk in the park. And, we always seem to expect that as soon as we put food in their doggy dish that they will pounce upon it with vigour. But, what if your dog doesnt seem to up to par when you get home? What if your best buddy is reluctant to get off their favourite chair or bed and go with you for a walk when every other time, all you had to do was jingle their leash and they would pound over to you in anticipation?

Well, these unusual behaviours may be a sign that your dog has a problem of some kind, and may need some additional attention over and above your usual love and affection. One of the most difficult challenges with pets is that they cant tell you when their stomach aches, or when they have a fever, or when their skin has a nasty cyst starting to grow.

On this website, we will endeavour to give you some general tips on how to initially recognize some medical problems, or medical symptoms.

The information contained within this website does not in any way replace or supersede the medical advice of a trained vetinarian, and you should always check with your local vet if you in anyway have doubts about the condition of your dog.

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